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Passion, innovation, and positive change:
why we love helping small businesses connect with the world.

It all started when Marina, who brings ten years of business management and four years of front-end development experience to the company, noticed a gap in the market. Working as a freelancer, she observed that there weren’t a lot of great options available for web development companies that could meet the needs of small businesses in terms of predictability, quality, and level of service. So, she started taking them on as clients.

Because of her attention to detail and relationship-driven approach, Marina saw great success with these initial clients. As the demand quickly grew, and Garrett came on to help oversee client services and business operations, and they incorporated a vibrant team of freelancers to diversify their solutions. And just as organically as that, Web Tree was born!

Today, we are beyond excited to be doing what we are doing. For us, a website isn’t just a one-time project — it’s a stepping stone into a long-term business relationship, with a heavy investment in the maintenance and support of each client’s digital footprint. We strive to be 100% transparent about our clearly defined process up front, adapting to budgets whenever possible and always placing our clients’ needs first.


Marina & Garrett Woodson

P.S. our dedication
to giving back

As the company grows, we’re excited to look for new ways to help small businesses grow and give back to our community by supporting nonprofit organizations with incredible impact. Follow us on social media or join our mailing list to stay in the loop about our ideas.

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Marina Woodson

Owner, Director of Development

After Marina received her MS in Computer Science, she fell in love with web design & development because it perfectly balances creativity and technology. She is passionate about developing a businesses’ digital footprint and learning about new and exciting technologies. She currently lives in Missoula, MT and works with local businesses in the area, as well as national companies all across the U.S.

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