Optimize Your Projects with These Must-Have Tools for Web Designers in 2023

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The toolkit of web designers continues to evolve with the new year, welcoming fresh possibilities for visual excellence and stellar user experiences. Whether you find yourself grinding through concept and development, handling user testing, or exploring wireframing options, there’s a perfect tool for you. 

Here’s a shortlist of the exciting new web design tools that could prove extremely handy down the road as we welcome 2023. 

Early Bird: Creating Landing Pages in No Time

Your landing page design is usually one of the most crucial areas of your website since it determines lead quality and conversions. Early Bird simplifies landing page creation through a seamless no-code process that allows you to generate a functional design within 10 minutes in most cases.  

Early Bird’s highly functional templates enable you to engage with potential customers without delay. You can directly accept customer payments through the platform even before your product development and official launch. 

Fontshare: Effortless Font Discovery 

Studies have shown that typography affects conversion rates, and your preferred font significantly shapes the overall aesthetic. Fontshare is an online repository for free fonts that you can quickly select and apply to your website design. Each font found within Fontshare is free to use for personal and commercial projects, skipping the need for costly licenses. 

The font website features a field at the top of the page where you can type a word and preview it across all available font types. You can also choose your preferred font type according to categories (e.g., Serif, script, or slab), physical properties (i.e., width and edges), and personality to complement your web design theme. 

MarkUp.io: Seamless Critiques 

Consistent and transparent feedback remains integral among tools for web designers. Learning from multiple perspectives identifies design flaws to ensure a quality product. MarkUp.io is a dynamic platform that makes it easier than ever to upload your web design content files for review and sharing. 

The collaborative web design tool supports over 30 file types, so you can effortlessly send and receive feedback from your team and collaborators for optimized results. MarkUp also offers a Chrome extension that reduces the time needed to grab a screenshot of your work and related comments for sharing with your team. 

Ballpark: Multiple Feedback in One

Complex projects may require visual feedback tools for web designers, such as platforms with attached videos and images. Ballpark works best for these situations as an integrated platform that captures high-quality feedback. 

You can communicate with your audience or testers through prototype testing, group surveys, and copy-testing features. 

The browser-based platform empowers participants to provide dynamic feedback without software or plugin downloads and upgrades. Ballpark also includes a micro-task feature where your participants/audiences can perform a specific task, such as clicking on a link on your live website, which substantiates their feedback for greater clarity.  

Rive: Interactive Graphics in a Cinch

Rive is a unique design tool that lets you create interactive graphics to improve audience engagement and the user experience of your websites. The platform operates through open-source runtimes, where you can embed your creations across different apps and platforms for frictionless implementation. 

According to Hubspot, content creators can take content from “fine” to “exceptional” through interactive marketing. The process drives unique audience experiences that encourage optimal engagement. Interactive graphics can capture your audience’s attention with multiple use cases, including case study infographics, hero page logos, and product catalog images. 

Figjam: A Powerful Whiteboard Solution 

Figjam, a brainstorming platform, makes collaborative ideation a breeze. You can monitor and improve your web design progress with highly interactive and visual tools. Your web design teams can use stickies, shapes, emojis, calls, and stamps to sort through site elements effortlessly. 

The whiteboard solution integrates seamlessly with Figma, so you can optimize your user experiences and interface through an intuitive one-stop solution.

Overflow: User Flow Made Easy

Overflow enhances your design presentations with three view options for optimal clarity and user engagement. These views include the canvas view, prototype view, and story presentation. You can conveniently switch through perspectives according to your target audience and content type. 

Adding Overflow to your belt of tools for web designers makes your design story stunning and consistent without the headache. For instance, the story presentation view takes your audience through a self-guided process where they can pause and play across slides complete with strategically placed captions. Alternatively, the prototype view presents a screen-by-screen display that shows the detailed aspects of your web design for a closer view while audiences can interact with your prototypes on the spot. 

Optimal Web Designs Made For You 

Keeping up with a seemingly endless barrage of new tools for web designers can become overwhelming, especially if you lack the time or expertise. 

The good news is that WebTree can optimize your website designs by saving you the trouble of jumping through the latest software loops. We have supported hundreds of businesses in resolving their website design challenges while promoting your brand’s unique identity. 

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