Website Design – 6 Tips On How To Do It

Website Design Tips & Tricks for customers

1. Set a Goal

When getting into the realm of website design, it is important to clearly define your goals. Understand what the end-result should look like, and keep in mind the strategy behind it.

2. Choose a Website Builder

A good designer doesn’t just place pretty images on a page, but rather takes into account possible limitations of the website builder of those (here we are talking about a Theme in WordPress).

Tip: We recommend Elementor! Not only is this website builder incredibly versatile, but also affordable and easy to use!

3. Define the Theme

A beautiful layout isn’t always what it looks like at first glance. Ensure that you find a website designer that understands the art of highly converting webpage layouts and where to strategically place your “buy now”, “contact us” calls to action to optimize your conversion rates.

Tip: The “Digital Marketer” offers a great course on that (for our more advanced WordPress users)

4. Choose your domain name

Every website needs a domain name that goes with it, otherwise users will never get to see your awesome new website!

Tip: We recommend GoDaddy to purchase your domain!

5. Gather all Content

Compile images, copy, and all other assets (such as videos etc). You will needs this in order to get a full picture of the finished look and feel of your new website.

Most website designers use Photoshop to create and mock up their designs.


6. The final Product

Once the design is finished, it is ready to move into development (more on that in Part 2 of this series)

Tip: We love inVision as a tool to present the finished design. Why? Because it mimics the finished website look in a browser window. It provides a great platform to envision the end-result.


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