5 Reasons to Invest in a Professional Logo Design


1. Building Trust

You have probably judged a company or brand, solely on the logo itself. Their identity immediately creates a feeling and either generates trust, or the exact opposite. A strong brand helps to inspire potential customers to show interest and take action. Being genuine and authentic is something that no company can fake, and a logo helps bring exactly that to the table.

Consumers nowadays are smart and have loads of information right at their fingertips. We purchase and make decisions based on feelings – what feeling does this brand give me? Take, for example, a local organic bakery. When visiting that website for the first time, you will hopefully get a great feel for this business, the kind of food they serve, and their values and aspirations. This is what branding means – to extract the essence of the business and allow potential customers feel that right after Googling.

Building a brand is not a magical thing, but the result of hard work, dedication, a love for the trade, and honesty.

2. First Impressions

This point piggybacks of point 1. As mentioned before, a logo and associated brand IS the first thing a consumer sees. Not to mention the financial investment a business has to make when printing business cards, signs, and a website presence. You’ll want to be certain that the logo and brand you created resonates with your target audience. A lot of thought, prep-work, and psychology goes into the creation of a well designed logo that WILL work for your business.

Imagine a law firm with a logo that has been created by their administrative assistant. You wouldn’t trust this first impression to take care of your legal situation in a professional manner.

3. Having a good idea

A good idea is a great start, but it doesn’t end there! In a world of where consumers get bombarded with hundreds of logos and ads every day, you have literally a millisecond to capture their attention before they turn away. A great logo it to be remembered, associated with a feeling, and delivers the exact brand mission, values, and the target market.

4. Correct File Types

Not sure what we mean by that? That’s even more of a reason to reach out to a trusted logo designer to help with that.

After market research, discover calls with your business, and lots of drafting and iterations of different design ideas, we arrive at a point where everything needs to get digitally packaged up, just the right way.

There are specific file sizes and formats that are required by your local print shops, or your trusted web developer to bring your new brand to life. This will avoid you spending a lot of money on pixelated logos, blurry elements, and an awkward variation in colors that you didn’t intend.

Without a quality logo and their associated materials, the consumer will not trust or pay for your brand. By investing in a professionally created logo, you get so much more than just a fun looking graphic.

5. Holds up to the test of time

A designer takes a considerable amount of time in the process understanding your business to the core. This research will last for many years to come. While we can’t control shifts in the market, we can keep up with these changes by having a strong brand presence that keeps up.

One great example here is the rebranding of Coca-Cola. While they “re-branded” slightly by modernizing their logo over time. It still remains the same recognizable brand and logo, but with some tweaks to stay relevant and enticing to their consumers. You can take a look at these logo changes here.


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